About Me

I’m Erica Clayton also known as the Wealth Building Rockstar. I’m 28 years old and now living with a $360K net worth. I built this in less than 3 years - with a full-time job - and when I started, I was $6K in debt… I am here to be as realistic and transparent with you on my wealth journey!
I pride myself on sharing the most stress free ways to make your money work for you! I am a firm believer in the abundance of wealth and that we all can enjoy large amounts of money in our lives.
Money doesn't have to be consistent nor does it have to be all that we strive for. You can very much make $60K in a month and use that for a month long vacation or to take off some time before starting a new job.
You don't have to start a business or become a trader and keep chasing the next huge money target. However, you do need to invest and start passively letting your money work for you!
Well, if you ask me, I believe you’ll be able to make much more than me, as I provide you a proven structure to follow – which, unfortunately, I didn’t have.